What’s the Best Season To Move?

When is the best time to move? Summer or winter?

Different sources will have conflicting advice, but in the end, the best time of year for your move will vary depending on the terms of your personal situation.

Spring and summer are often considered the best moving times for a variety of reasons. Weather is usually ideal for movers to take your possessions from place to place, since icy temperatures can do a number on your possessions—especially in the case of traveling from a warmer climate to a starkly colder climate. Be careful of cracking wood in those conditions.

The school calendar also plays a part. Some experts say after the end of the school year is best for moving because children won’t have school interrupted. Parents are often wary of pulling their children from their normal routines and introducing them too quickly into a brand new curriculum. This leads to the potential of children having to play catch-up.
Moving after the end of the school year also allows for a smoother transition. Children don’t have to pack up their belongings during school, and at the end of the year, they can have more time for goodbye parties as well as a longer adjustment period to their new home before the beginning of the new year.

However, the spring and summer are also the priciest times for moving, as well as the most popular time to rent. With most Americans moving between the months of May and September and searching for a new home to rent, finding the ideal place might be tougher, and pricier. If you’re moving to a warmer climate, you might be looking at expensive cooling bills as well.

Fall and winter are best for those with a tighter budget. A wider variety of renters will be looking to fill empty units. In that case, there may be more room for haggling on the pricing. Keep in mind, however, that colder states, such as where Blueline Van Lines is located in New Jersey, will have exponentially higher heating bills in the winter.

Despite this, winter is the slowest time of the year for moving companies and relocation services, so you’re more likely to get the lowest prices. If you pair that with moving during the middle of the month, as opposed to the start or end of the month when new leases usually begin and most people are moving, you can get the lowest possible price.
If children are a concern, some experts also argue that kids do better in a transition during the school year as opposed to between years. In this case, children are immersed in a more active environment sooner, so that they aren’t stuck in a house during summer vacation with no extracurricular activities.

Whether summer or winter, it’s equally important to consider holidays and how much traffic you’re ready to put up with on the road. Also, while winter weather may not be ideal, also take into account that summer weather is fraught with dangerous thunderstorms. Whatever choice you make, be safe.