BlueLine Van Lines Moving & Storage is a moving company that provides household moving and storage services. We are accessible any time in the day or night (24 hours) and offer both short term and long term storage for clients’ goods. There are many companies that provide storage services both commercial and residential. Most of them promise to have the best offers and safe transportations although few deliver those claims. At BlueLine Van Lines we’re ensuring our clients fixtures are stored/transported/delivered safely and securely is our main objective.
Our storage facilities have ample space and seamless surveillance to provide secure solutions for people relocating. Our services will meet the relocation needs for;
Interstate clients (those moving to other states)
• Residential clients (household moving and storage)
• Commercial clients
• Local clients
Interstate clients receive assistance from our quality agent for BlueLine Van Lines. When choosing a moving company, you should compare the security of services offered. The safety of your fixtures is the primary goal we have always maintained. Our storage facilities ensure convenient accommodation of your goods in the following ways;
• Security – we provide 24 hours surveillance on our storage cabins to protect goods under our care from theft or damages. The insurance policy also covers all our buildings and properties to guarantee compensation incase of any accidents. Your goods are simply secure in our hands.
• Accessibility – our services can be contracted at any time. We operate for 24 hours and you can have the goods delivered to your residence as soon as you are ready. We have office premises as well as online and phone contacts all off which are functionally operational throughout the year.

At BlueLine Van Lines we offer secure storage for items being relocated for homesteads as well as commercial institutions. Our storage premises provide sufficient space for a large number of items and we also provide packaging accessories for safety. We provide optimum storage solutions to retain the conditions of goods as given. No one needs to compromise the safety of their furniture and fixtures when relocating, contract secure 24 hour storage and transportation services with BlueLine Van Lines.