Small Moves

No matter the size of a move, Blueline Van Lines can handle jobs of every description. This includes small moves, which may seem deceptively simple at the outset.

While waiting until the last minute can prove tempting when dealing with less significant moves, the right amount of preparation is essential whether going across town or across the country. Blueline can help in the preparation phase, organizing your possessions and helping with the preliminary steps of your move.

Begin Organizing Early

It’s never too early to begin preparations for your move. Such preparation should entail bringing together any necessary packing supplies, while also determining which items you will be taking with you to your new home.
For instance, items that aren’t needed on a daily basis can be packed away early. By taking this step, we will simplify the total packing process, while also ensuring important goods aren’t left behind. When packing, Blueline will keep a list of items that can be referenced during the day of a move. This can be extremely helpful to both inhabitants as well as movers.

Update Contact Information

Another important consideration is to update your contact info before making your way to your new home. Notifying the post office is a great first step, but to ensure no mail goes unaccounted we recommend you employ a more thorough approach. Contact updates should include:

• Utility Companies (phone, electric, gas, etc.)
• Cable and Internet Providers
• Banking Institutions
• Schools/Educational Organizations
• Healthcare Providers

While the post office will forward your mail for a period of time, it is up to you to inform others of any permanent changes of address. As far as friends and loved ones, social media is a great way to easily disseminate new contact information.

Create a ‘Care Box’ for the Day of the Move

The actual day of a move will no doubt be a lengthy process. For this reason, it’s important to bring together those items you’ll need most once you are situated in your new home. This can include a change of clothes, any toiletries or medications you will require, along with any other useful items. This will save time spent digging through boxes in search of just one or two things.

For those seeking relocation services in New Jersey and beyond, Blue Line Van Lines can offer solutions for a number of scenarios. With our expertise on your side, your next move is bound to be a great one.