Senior Move Management

Moving seniors can be a difficult process for a number of reasons. That’s why it’s important to be fully prepared for any move involving seniors, whether one is relocating to a senior-friendly apartment complex or an assisted living facility.
At Blueline Van Lines, we have years of experience in senior move management and have both the equipment and trained personnel to make this move a stress free experience for all parties.

Begin the Organization Process Early

While it’s especially helpful in the event of a senior move, packing early is actually a great idea in all circumstances. Waiting until the last minute only contributes to chaos on confusion on the day of a move. Our movers will help you pack up your items and organize your possessions so once we get down to the move, things go smoothly.

Devising a list can be helpful for remembering the numerous tasks involved in moving. We will provide the following list of items needed for a move. Such items can include:

• Boxes (small, medium, and large)
• Packing materials (such as bubble wrap, newspaper, etc.)
• Clear sealing tape
• Permanent markers
• Garment bags
• Plastic wrap (for awkwardly shaped items)
• Plain newsprint (for protecting items from the elements)

In most cases, an overabundance of items is preferred to being under-prepared. Any packing materials left unused after the initial move can be saved for another occasion, or donated to someone in need.

Clearly Label Everything

Another important part of keeping a move efficient involves clearly labeling everything. Not only will this ensure that all items are included, it can also be useful for unpacking items once a move has been completed.

Labeling should contain the contents of a box, as well as the room where the items should end up. With thorough labeling, movers will know exactly where each box should be placed, and those doing the unpacking will be fully aware of the contents. This can greatly reduce time needed for organization after a move has taken place. With this information, Blueline will be able to unload and begin a quick and painless set-up process at your new residence.

Consider Downsizing

Moving can be a great time to get rid of some unwanted or unneeded items. This is especially relevant for seniors making a move, as in many cases they will be relocating to places with less room.
In this event, we can assist in donating or discarding such items. There are many organizations that will come directly to one’s home to accept donations, and we will work with you to organize this process and dispose of clutter in an environmentally conscious manner.

Go With the Pros

Blueline Van Lines have the industry experience necessary to capably move seniors without incident. If you are seeking a reliable moving company in NJ and beyond, we can offer you unparalleled assistance in a variety of circumstances, from getting seniors situated to moving large families with ease.