Records Management

Blueline Van Lines offers record management and storage for all your home files and papers. Sorting loose paper is a hassle. And often, these documents and records contain important information, from birth certificates, social security and insurance statements to tax filings and word documents. If you’ve let your records get a little disorganized over the years and suddenly need to resort and arrange them for a move, you’ll be toiling for hours. Lucky, Blueline Van Lines has all your records management and storage needs covered. Our moving crews will provide the storage boxes, cartons and other equipment necessary to safely and

Packing and Delivery for All Documents

But we don’t just provide the crates and boxes you need. We also offer packing services for who require it, where we organize, store, and create a detailed index of the files in our database. From there, we can bring the files to our storage center for as long as you require, or deliver them day or night depending on when exactly you need them. Our relocation services are extensive, and we work with you to accommodate all your moving needs.

• Organize, store and index all your files and documents
• Tax filings, birth certifications, social security information and work folders
• Access to our secure storage area
• Day and night delivery to accommodate your schedule

The last thing you need as you prepare for a move is excess clutter. That’s why Blueline Van Lines is your do-it-all transportation and storage service. Based in Rahway, New Jersey (NJ), we service the entire East Coast. No matter where you are, and no matter what you need from your moving crew, call us today. We’ll explain in the detail the services we offer and what we can do to help you complete your move stress free. With emergency availability and affordable rates, you’ll never need to call another mover again.