Pre Move Planning

Moving can be a truly exciting event in your life, opening you up to many new opportunities. However, it’s oftentimes equally stressful, too. You and your loved ones need to somehow condense and organize a life’s worth of possessions into cardboard boxes, pack them away, and transport them to your new destination. It can all be a bit daunting.

That’s where we at Blueline Van Lines, a national moving company based out of New Jersey, come in. We can take your moving experience from erratic to easy. Trust our highly skilled movers to handle all the heavy lifting and transport. All you need to do is pack, and we even have tips to make that task a little easier, too.

• Compile a list of questions to ask potential movers: Is there a minimum moving charge? Do you offer packing and unpacking services? Do you charge by piece or by the hour? What payment options are offered? Will my items be insured during the move? These are all great places to start.
• Be sure to book your movers two to four weeks in advance, if not more. That will be one thing off a long checklist you can get out of the way early, and it will bring you peace of mind.
• Be sure to cancel all services, such as utilities, cable, newspaper delivery, lawn services, etc., at least one week in advance. This will eliminate any last minute scrambling and ensure you don’t have to pay for these services longer than you are living in the house.

• Don’t forget to submit your change of address forms and to transfer school records.
• Organize your items according to rooms. Your packing and unpacking experiences will be much simpler if you tackle
one room at a time. For packing, start with a room you use less frequently, such as the dining room. Label all boxes
clearly so that when you reach your new destination, your movers can easily find and distribute them, then access what you need quickly, such as bedroom and kitchen items.
• Keep essential items in a separate box and make sure it is the last item added to the truck to ensure accessibility.
• Keep your cleaning essentials handy so you can give the house one final clean up before you move.

These are just a few of the most basic guidelines to help you with your pre-move planning. You can of course call our experts at Blueline Van Lines with any questions, and we will be happy to offer you more helpful hints and advice. Whether you’re moving from Newark to New York or from Louisiana to L.A., we’re here to make the experience easier.