Moving Tips

Moving homes as most individuals that have gone through this experience understand is extremely daunting and hectic, and without proper preparation can lead to diverse problems such as breakage of fragile items or even losing some altogether. The right approach of handling this mandatory part of your move is enlisting the aid of professional packing services or if money is an issue, follow these failsafe techniques to ensure a hitch-free move.

Before doing anything else it will be wise to purchase ideal cartons for your various belongings. Generally, these should be able to hold approximately 50 pounds in weight to facilitate safe and convenient movement. Before placing your items in such containers you should use suitable wrapping paper like old newspapers or any other thick papers.

Never mix items from one room with those from other areas, which minimizes the risk of losing anything. Always provide an appropriate cushioning beneath, around and on top, which can go a long way in protecting your belongings while on transit to your new home. It is also an excellent idea to label cartons based on what they contain and where they should be deposited.

For the most delicate items such as chinaware and glassware, you can purchase “dish packs”, which are simply doubled-walled cartons that most professional moving services utilize. For major appliances like cookers, fridges, washing machines and so on, you should call on a competent technician to safely dismantle them, and unwire them from their power sources.

For electronics such as TVs, DVDs, VCRs, PCs e.t.c, you can use the original packaging if you still have them. Should all these tasks be too overwhelming for you, it is wise to enlist the help of experienced moving firms such as Blueline van lines, who for a reasonable fee will undertake the packaging of all your belongings.