Blueline Van Lines and its expert movers specialize not only in residential moves, but in professional transports, as well. While based out of New Jersey, Blueline Van Lines provides moving services all across the country. Our nationwide reach and dedicated and knowledgeable professionals work seamlessly to allow us to transport specialty items, such as clinical care equipment, safely and securely across the continental United States. We transport numerous shipments of high-quality equipment for some of the top names in clinical care every year. This is a sensitive process, requiring skill, safety, strength, and finesse from our professional movers. Don’t trust just anyone, choose Blueline Van Lines to help you move your:

• Magnetic Resonance Imaging / MRI Machinery
• X-ray Equipment
• CAT Scanners / CT Scanners
• Ultrasound Machines
• Radiology Room Equipment
• PET Equipment
• Mammography / Mammogram Systems
• Oncology Equipment
• Numerous Other Electronic and Medical Machines

All of these are well-honed, finely-tuned items that require special attention, and the specialized movers at Blueline Van Lines are aware of these needs and trained specifically to cater to them. Contamination, condensation, and vibration are all issues our movers are well versed in, and they are educated to avoid these and similar issues associated with moving clinical care equipment. That knowledge, combined with specialized moving equipment and unparalleled safety precautions, ensures that your sensitive equipment reaches its new destination in the same condition in which it left. Reliable, damage-free moves are always our professional guarantee.

In addition to safety, we at Blueline Van Lines put a high value on punctuality. We know that in the medical industry, time is of the essence. At times, mere minutes can be the difference between life and death. We provide dependable, timely delivery for all of our clients, in turn keeping their dependents happy and well cared for.

If you are in the market for movers for your clinical care equipment, give the moving experts at Blueline Van Lines a call to discuss your options and get a free estimate. We have what it takes to gain (and keep) your trust and get this process underway.