Gun Safe Moving

Finding the right moving company can prove challenging for homes both large and small. This is especially true for gun owners, who are often in possession of large scale items such as gun safes, some of which can weigh thousands of pounds.
Fortunately, Blueline Van Lines has the expertise necessary to tackle just about any job. This includes gun safe moving, which involves a level of skill that not every company possesses.
The Right Equipment Is Key
First and foremost, the right equipment is crucial to ably moving a gun safe. This will ensure that both workers and residents remain safe during the process. A professional company should have the following equipment at its disposal:
• Hydraulic Pallet Jack – This device allows sizable items to be lifted safely and efficiently. When selecting a jack, it’s important to ensure it can withstand the weight of the safe in question.

• Industrial Dolly – While a pallet jack can lift heavy objects with ease, it fails to be of use when taking items up or down a set of stairs. In this event, an industrial dolly is a must-have accessory.

• Nylon Straps – When using a dolly, safes must be secured. This can be accomplished by using nylon straps to keep items in place when in transit. It’s best to ensure that a safe is firmly strapped in before attempting to move it.

• Tool Set – For safes that are bolted or otherwise affixed to the floor, appropriate tools may be required to remove the item.

Preparation Can Spare Time and Money

While hiring our reliable New Jersey moving company is highly recommend, there are a few things one can do to make the process far easier for all involved. Making sure movers can work unimpeded will not only speed up the overall process; it can also prevent damage from occurring to your belongings.

Before getting underway, be sure to clear a path for workers tasked with transporting your safe. This is especially important when dealing with hallways. Pictures, lamps, and anything else which may get in the way should be removed before work commences. If space is an issue, you may need to remove doors as well. This can be determined by measuring your safe, as well as the doorways through which it will be moved.

If you are seeking a secure and effective way to move a gun safe to your new home, Blueline Van Lines can offer a solution. Our relocation services include larger than average items such as gun safes. Our highly-skilled staff can ensure your next move will be a stress-free affair, no matter what.