Art Moving

Moving is typically a hectic process, but it can become even more stressful when involving items of high-dollar value. This includes valuable works of art, which require a delicate hand when being transported from one location to another. Without the right assistance, these items can become hopelessly damaged in the process, leading to significant financial loss.

The following are a few services Blueline Van Lines can provide to you moving high-value pieces of art. To make the process even more efficient, call our reliable moving company to get what’s important to you from one place to another intact.

Organize Your Pieces

Organizing the items intended to be moved is highly recommended before getting started. This can save a lot of hassle once the moving actually begins, while also cutting back on expenses. Most moving expect you to do this yourself, but our team of movers will help you with this process.

In most cases, pieces should be organized according to size. Larger objects will require special care during a move, while smaller items can typically be transported with ease. Once items are situated, you can then go about securing them in the appropriate packaging.

Pack Items Securely to Prevent Damage

This is perhaps the most important aspect of a move. Proper packing can be essential to prevent damaging items while moving from place to place. Blueline provides the following supplies and more that can be of immense help during a move:

• Boxes of various sizes
• Packing tape
• String
• Packing materials (peanuts, paper, plastic wrap, etc.)
• Plastic padding
• Elastic bands

It’s best to have an excess of items when packing, to ensure one doesn’t run out in the middle of the move. It’s also crucial to pack items carefully to avoid incurring damage. Glass frames in the like should be surrounded by cushioning before being placed into boxes, and all items must be sealed securely before being taken out of a home. Inclement weather can occur without warning on the day of a move, which can greatly harm unsecured items.

Choose an Experienced Moving Company

No matter what type of service you are looking for, a dependable moving company is integral to ensuring a successful move. If you are seeking New Jersey movers, Blue Line Van Lines can assist you in moving items of every description, from fine works of art to furniture and everything in between.